• e|ma

    The frontier between in-form (information, knowledge, conception) and forme (object, body, mater) are bluring.  Its less and less evident to differentiate the physical and algorithmic world, le living and artifical...

  • Exhibition?

    (Français) The public enter in the galery space with a cardboard box on its head. He will never see the space. His visite is the pure experience of space,..

  • MbN, dancer

    Moving by numbers

    When the light dims, the spectator discovers behind the mirror a second space with a dancer. His body is dissolved into a video projection consisting of thousands of little autonomous particles

  • man in |e|space.exe

    The performance ‘Man in e.Space’ is based on the complete reduction of space and body: on one hand, four centered transparent projection screens, ...

  • man in |e|, 2004

    man in |e|

    The performance is based on the complete reduction of space and body, a complete black space where the dancer is reduced to lines....

  • dotnana, 2004


    Through the integration of this digital performing device, this creation questions the transformation of the choreography as a pre-establish form of scenic writing toward...

  • Enjeux, 2001


    The performance, by a combine of 3+4 X 3 sequences, examines the relations between scene, public and textual structure....

  • God is my Copilot, 1999

    God is my Copilot

    The personal memory of the performers is at the center of this creation: the intimate experience and its collective impact....

  • corpusX

    Corpus X

    CORPUS X is ithe following project of SEXES and therefore continuing the analysis of components of a new rhetoric of the subject.

  • sexes, 1997


    The performers are persons from everyday live, the ready-made actors. ..

  • performance "respublica"


    What is the difference between an actor and a transsexual? This question could have been the origin of the performance...

  • Corpus lux

    First experimentation with a dancer moving with a light costumes, made by 4 electroluminescent sticks...