Poème symphonique pour 100 vélos

urban performance
Production: res publica
Co-Production : Atelier Frappaz, Galerie Ars Longa
conception: Wolf Ka
lutherie : Sylvain Ravasse
Composition : Jean-Jacques Birgé
first prototype version : 15/06/011 Les Invites, Villeurbanne, France
Dates: 31/03/12 Mairie du 13è Arr. de Paris, France

website of the project

The « poème symphonique pour 100 vélo » (symphonic poem for 100 bicycles) is interpreted by 100 amateur bicyclists following a spatial and temporal score. The original instruments, powered by the energy of the bicycles, comprise an orchestra of flutes, trumpets, bows, sanzas and percussion, whose movement make the choreography. The project is a ludic urban intervention and a lyrical manifesto of our capacity to create together a sustainable and creative city.