Without Subtitles

Installation sonore
(en cours)
Production: res publica
Conception: Norbert Schnell, Wolf Ka, Maryline Gillois
Architecture: Maryline Gillois
Programmation: Norbert Schnell
Coproduction; Avec le concours du ministère de la culture/communication CNC_DICREAM

The installation WITHOUT SUBTITLES is an linguistic and sound experience that propels us into world-space!
From a collection of oral stories, we propose an utopian and experimental sound space which is a portrait of our cosmopolitan society. This is a composition of linguistic sequences where each story and each language is seen as part of the composition of the sound space that can be perceived as a Babylonian cacophony or a harmonic polyphony.
The architecture of the system is based on a modular cardboard which ensures a  spherical disposition of 100 speakers around the listener.
The overall device features a ‘Cocktail Party Effect’, which refers to our ability to focus our attention on hearing a speaker in the middle of a chaotic sound. Through this cognitive filter, the visitor can distinguish the installation of voices and follow individual stories even as it is immersed in a orchestrated cacophony.
PROTOTYPE # 1 offers a fragment of the final installation consisting of about fifty recordings broadcast on eight speakers, integrated in some modules from the final construction.